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This gallery contains your full resolution images, suitable for printing.

Each image is licensed to you for printing at the location of your choice. Simply download the file and deliver it to your photo lab.

Download instructions:
> Click on any photo in the gallery to enlarge it.
> Mouse to the upper left corner of the photo to find the Menu options.
> Select 'Download'.
Watermarks will not appear in the downloaded photos.

My recommended local print labs are Costco, Evermore, and Media Specialties. Please avoid drugstores, Walmart, and Idaho Camera.

The best online photo labs are Costco, MPIX, and ProDPI.

Please be aware that some print sizes and ratios may require cropping to fit your desired frame. Not all standard print ratios work with each photo so test before sending it off to the printer.

Of course, I'm happy to help, so don't hesitate to call me!