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Strap in - it's time for a speed round! 
You have 14 days to complete 14 assignments. Don't panic - it's easier than it sounds. Or go ahead and panic. Panic is a good motivator.
Let's call it a scavenger hunt, of sorts. Every item is something we've touched on in one way or another in previous assignments. It's a good excuse to revisit some of them if you get stuck. You can knock these out any way you like, in any order - all at once, one per day, in batches, or like most creative people, at the very last minute - whatever works for you. 
FOURTEEN is not a contest and it's not a race, so work at your own pace and create the best images you can within the time constraints.
You have a choice of shooting NEW PHOTOS for each of the 14 items, or reworking OLDER PHOTOS so they are different than what you started with. Don't just pull something up from your archive and call it good. This is a stretching exercise. While sprinting over large obstacles and hanging from greasy rings over flaming water. You might call it American Photo-Ninja Warrior (with international options).
If you're really gung-ho, and I know you are, don't limit yourself to only one photo per item - go after your favorites with extra shutter clicks. How about combining several items into one image? How many can you cram into one Volkswagen?
Periodically, I get requests to shorten assignments from their standard two week intervals. The moral is: Be careful what you ask for. :-) Really though, this speed round should be wicked fun. If you like it, say so, and we'll mix them in once in awhile.
TWO RULES (applies to the Facebook group*):
--> When you post an image, post the item NUMBER and NAME that you're completing.
--> Keep track of your progress and when you hit 14, SHOUT IT OUT! How many of us can cross the finish line?
Alright, drum roll... here's the list. Start your cameras and drive!
  1. B&W - Remove all color, add contrast, and process your image purely for shades of gray. Try some dodging and burning! 
  2. BOKEH - Open aperture wide and get close to your subject to throw the background out of focus. Bokeh may or may not occur. Why? 
  3. LEADING LINES - Draw the viewer to your subject with the use of line, either real or implied, straight or curved. 
  4. EMOTION - The best images tell universal stories, and emotion is the most powerful plot device.
  5. ONE LIGHT - Limit your scene to illumination by a single light source. Engage interplay between light and shadow.
  6. TWO COLORS - Too many colors can often overwhelm an image. Shoot something using only two complementary colors.
  7. SYMMETRY - Reflections, mirror images, geometrical balance - lots of options here.
  8. NIGHT - The world's a different place after dark. What does it look like to your camera?
  9. MACRO - Get close, then closer again. Push your lens to its closest focus limit.
  10. FORCED PERSPECTIVE - You know those photos of a guy holding the sun in his palm? That's forced perspective. This one's for fun so go nuts.
  11. FIGURE AND GROUND - Negative space is as important as positive space. Make them work together as one.
  12. DECISIVE MOMENT - Click your shutter at the peak of the action or at the moment of maximum emotional impact. This one takes lots of practice, so carve out some extra time. Like years.
  13. FREEZE MOTION - We're talking fast shutter speeds here (1/1000 sec and faster) with fast moving objects. 
  14. BLUR MOTION - Slow shutter speeds (1/30 sec and slower) with moving objects. Lots of options here - panning, light painting, tossing camera into the air (just make sure to catch it).
FOURTEEN will run for two weeks (that's 14 days if you're counting) from Feb 10 through Feb 23. Happy shooting!

* NOTE: I post WORKOUT SESSIONS here for those who don't like Facebook. To get the maximum workout value, consider joining my private "Photo Assignment" Facebook Group where the same assignment allows you to share images, ideas, and feedback with many other members. It's a great group and I'd love to see you there!


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