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Spring is in the air - achoo! - birds are flappaping, bees are buzzuzzing, green things are popping out of brown earth. It's no time to be indoors fighting Photochop. Even if there's work to do, play hooky and get some FRESH for yourself. Find new life wherever it emerges and ask it to play.
One simple rule applies to this assignment - NO archive photos. None. Every photo you post must be new, taken outside during our 2-week period. Get fresh.
Make this assignment a bright adventure. Treat each trip out the door as a mini-vacation, whether it's around the block or across the country. Look for spring pushing aside the sleepy blanket of winter, waking up, stretching, sometimes cranky and yelling at the top of its lungs. Black, white, and gray are giving up a losing battle. Color wins the spring election and is making big changes, overturning the old regime. Color asks for your help with some free press, bold advertising, cheerleaders with cameras. Get out there and editorialize. Get fresh.
Find people breaking in their new sneakers, dogs chasing frisbees, kids flying kites, streets being swept, farmers' markets being stocked, fish being caught, messengers messaging, bikers biking, vendors vending, buskers busking, and tulips wondering what all the fuss is about.
Renew a friendship, spark a romance, shake off the dust, climb a mountain, pick a flower, watch a bee, squeeze an orange, plant a pea. Get fresh. 
Simple, right? It's an easy assignment this time so there's no excuse - now get out there and shine!
GET FRESH will run for two weeks, from April 6 through April 19.
You are invited to come join us in our private Photo Assignment Facebook group where you can share your images and comments with other active members.
For extra credit, you're invited to do a SLATE project, too. If you haven't done one yet, visit to get started.
Happy shooting!



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