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Coming Soon: Workout Sessions!

November 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Many of you already know about "Photo Assignment" on Facebook, where every two weeks I unleash a new photographic exercise on my unsuspecting followers. Regardless of the content, however, our erstwhile adventurers always come through with fantastic results, and it's those remarkable folks who have kept me pumping out new teasers for 4 years now. Occasionally I get a request to post the assignment outside of Facebook because, well you know, not everyone loves the Zuckerberg machine.

So... that time has finally arrived. I'll be posting the most current assignment on the same two-week schedule (with occasional one-weekers) here on the Arrowrock Photography blog. Although readers won't be able to share their photos like the Facebookers do, I invite everyone to leave comments and links to sites where your photos can be seen. I'd love to see them!

To provide a bit of a twist, our assignments here will be called "Workout Sessions" and will be accessible from the front page "Blog" tab.

The archive of all past Photo Assignments currently resides only on Facebook and are available to all members of Photo Assignment. I am working on Volume One of an upcoming book which includes a number of the most popular exercises.

Stay tuned - coming soon!




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