Arrowrock Photography | Arrowrock Photography at the Saint Alphonsus Art Wall

Arrowrock Photography at the Saint Alphonsus Art Wall

June 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A trip to the hospital is generally not a feel-good experience. Fortunately, there is a big exception - a visit to the St. Alphonsus Art Wall, often one of the most highly trafficked art galleries in town. And this month (June), it's our turn as Artists of the Month! Arrowrock Photography has 15 large photographic gallery wraps and fiber art pieces covering the 60+ foot wall.

Crane (my fiber art wife) and I (the photo guy) have collaborated on several pieces for this show. I take the photo, she prints it on a huge piece of cotton sateen fabric, then sews a couple miles of dimension and flow into it. I could walk into each one.

The St. Al's Art Wall is located at the Curtis Rd. campus in Boise. Enter through the S2 entrance (next to Emergency), walk past the coffee bar, then pass by the registration desks on the right side to reach the Art Wall.

Our goal is to make a trip to the hospital a better experience for everyone. We'd love to hear how it works for you - let us know!

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